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Default [MU] Roommates 1982 Classic Porn

Roommates 1982

Director Chuck Vincent
Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart, Kelly Nichols, Gloria Leonard, Margo DuMont, Patricia Dale
Jamie Gillis, Jerry Butler, Bobby Astyr, Jack Wrangler, Phil Smith, Josh Andrews, Rex Capizo, Frederick Foster, Ron Jeremy

Roommates is a totally unique film about three women whose lives become entwined as they share a N.Y. apartment. A landmark film, it takes us inside these women's minds, hearts, and passions. Meet Billie, an ex-callgirl, gambling everything she has to find a new life. Billie is finding that, to get a second chance, she has to fight for it. Meet Joan, fresh out of drama school and trying for Broadway, Young and naive, she's on her own for the first time, and growing up fast. Then there's Sherry, a beautiful California model about to discover N.Y.C. She's chasing every thrill, every high, and moving closer to the edge. When she meets Joel, she finds she is fighting for her very life. Roommates is three women with three lives at the turning point.

This Chuck Vincent-directed drama (with X-rated sex scenes) is one of very few adult features that crossed the street into the mainstream -- at least for a week or two. After playing X-rated venues, it was re-cut and released in mainstream theatres across the country with an "R" rating. It's easy to see why. It's an engaging girls-about-town drama that boasts convincing performances and a believable series of conflicts which are truthfully resolved by an exciting conclusion. Samantha Fox, Veronica hart and Kelly Nichols are the three female leads; all had appeared in countless X-rated features prior to this. Hart, now directing quality porn under the name Jane Hamilton, impresses greatly as a budding actress in a loveless relationship; she's natural and very attractive. Vincent regular Larry Revene photographed the pic while Vincent and regular scripter Rick Marx shared the screenplay.

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[MU] Roommates 1982 Classic Porn

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